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  1. For all customers: the name and password you use for E-mail should not be used for anything else.
  2. It has become increasingly important to use security for E-mail.
  3. Customers should use the secure protocols, as follows:
    • POP3S for getting and Submission with STARTTLS for sending or
    • IMAPS for viewing and Submission with STARTTLS for sending or
    • HTTPS Webmail for getting and sending.
  4. Customers concerned about the contents of E-mail should use PGP or similar encryption.
  5. Customers with private administrative back-ends should use HTTPS.
  6. No Credit Card information should be accepted, transmitted through, or stored on our network.

POP3S (by default) brings E-mail from the server to your local computer then removes it from the server.
IMAPS leaves E-mail on the server. This is handy for those accessing E-mail from more than one place or device. Most of our customers using hand-held devices set them up for IMAPS.
HTTPS also leaves E-mail on our server.

We may delete old items left on our E-mail servers. We also have mailbox limits that can be exceeded. We do not backup E-mail. Therefore IMAPs and Webmail should routinely download E-mail and backup their E-mail appropriately.



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